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Lifting & Moving Heavy Equipment

RMS Cranes is the Rocky Mountain region’s central resource for Lifting and Moving Heavy Equipment including Crane Rental, Rigging, Machinery Moving, Heavy-Haul Trucking, Repairs, Inspections, Lift Planning, and more.



Years of Experience

RMS Cranes was founded back in 1977 as a pre-cast concrete erection crane provider and has evolved over the years to become the Rocky Mountain region’s central resource for Lifting and Moving Heavy Equipment including Crane Rental, Rigging, Machinery Moving, Heavy-Haul Trucking, Repairs, Inspections, Lift Planning, and more.

Today RMS provides cranes of every type with capacities ranging from 4 Tons to over 900 Tons. RMS Cranes provided crane services supporting many of Colorado’s major projects including:

+ Denver International Airport
+ Pena Blvd Bridges
+ RTD’s Union Station Platform
+ Broncos Stadium
+ Ball Arena
+ Coors Field

Many of the bridges and structures around the Denver Metro Area were erected with the help of RMS Cranes. The RMS Cranes Tower Crane Division has helped grow the Denver skyline with many beautiful buildings in Uptown, LoDo, LoHi, and RiNo. In addition to the contributions to the construction industry, RMS Cranes also serves the energy sector with crane support provided to Power Plants, the Wind Energy Market, the Oil & Gas Industry, and more.

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RMS Cranes Professional Services

RMS Cranes offer professional services such as Crane Rental, Rigging, Machinery Moving, Heavy Haul Trucking, Repairs, Inspections, Lift Planning, and more.

Crane Rental

Crane Rental services for any project including Mobile Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, Rough-Terrain Cranes, Heavy-Lift, Wind Division, and more.

RMS Rigging Jack and Slide Image
Rigging Services

RMS Rigging has the equipment fleet to provide our clients with alternate methods of achieving job tasks including Forklifts, Machinery Skates, Sliding Systems, Gantries, and more.

RMS Mobile Crawler Crane Inspection Image
Repair & Inspection

RMS Mobile is our in-house Repair & Inspection division that provides Crane Repairs and OSHA Inspections at affordable rates.

RMS Cranes Heavy-Haul Trucking Image

RMS Cranes’ Heavy Haul Fleet offers our clients a turnkey service with load handling capabilities up to 500,000 pounds.

RMS Lift Plans Image
Lift Planning

RMS Cranes’ in-house engineering personnel work together with our project managers and field personnel to provide highly detailed Engineered Lift Plans.

Since 1977


RMS Cranes


RMS Cranes is the Rocky Mountain region’s central resource for Lifting & Moving Heavy Equipment

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with branches throughout Northern and Southern Colorado, as well as recent expansions into Wyoming, New Mexico, and Michigan – RMS Cranes strive to become the safe & reliable service provider for all of your Crane and Rigging needs.

RMS Cranes provides professional services for the Construction, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, and Mining Industries. Our growing fleet consists of more than 150 cranes with capacities ranging from 1 to 900 tons.

We have the ability to provide the correct equipment for any job with our versatile fleet of Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, All-Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, Carry-Deck Cranes, and other specialized equipment such as Forklifts, Machine Moving Skates, Jack & Slide Systems, Gantry Systems, and Heavy-Haul Tractors & Trailers.

TNT Family


In 2015, RMS Cranes proudly merged with TNT Crane & Rigging based out of Houston, Texas

Through partnership, our company has access to branches and personnel spread across the United States and Canada, allowing us to cross-utilize manpower and equipment from branch to branch, and to provide efficient solutions to our customer base by saving on mobilization costs.



RMS personnel are trained and highly-skilled team members that engage in extensive job and safety training and certification

All RMS operators have proven their competency through our operator evaluation program and hold NCCCO & NCCER Certifications.

RMS Cranes strive to stay at the front of this training and certification with both in-house, hands-on training as well as industry specific 3rd party training and certification.

Our training ranges from Crane Operation and Rigging to CDL Driving, Crane Inspections, DOT Inspections, H2S, OSHA, MSHA, PEC, and more, depending on the needs of the project.


RMS Cranes is Committed to the Elimination of Workplace Injuries

    • + Cultivate people whose greatest virtue is protection of life, health, and environment.
    • + Nurture trained employees that support each other through accountability.
  • + Inspire leadership among our peers through our actions.
  • Cultivate People
  • Nurture Employees
  • Inspire Leadership
  • Life + Health + Environment
    • + An organization who sets the standards for safety and excellence in our industry.
    • + Respectful of all that we encounter both on and off­ the job.
  • + Committed to excellence and continuous self-improvement.
  • Industry Standard
  • Safety & Excellence
  • Respectful of All
  • Committed to Self-Improvement
    • + Provide an exceptional experience for our customers, co-workers, family, and our peers.
  • + Embrace all challenges on our journey to become Incident and Injury Free.
  • Provide Exceptional Experiences
  • Customers + Co-Workers + Family
  • Embrace All Challenges
  • Incident & Injury Free

RMS Crane Rental Services

RMS Cranes Coors Field Colorado Rockies
Mobile Cranes
Our large fleet of Mobile Cranes is a “Fast Moving & Always on the Go” group of equipment. The machines allocated to our “taxi” crane divisions are efficient in mobilization and have faster assembly & disassembly times, allowing us to accomplish multiple projects in a day, even when the projects are in different locations. Our fleet offers the most extensive options in our region with lifting capacities ranging from 30 to 900 tons.
RMS Cranes Heavy-Lift
Crawler Cranes
RMS offers a wide range of Crawler Cranes and configuration possibilities to offer for your next project. We can provide cranes for projects including Wind Turbines, Tilt-Ups, Process Plants, Bridges, Commercial Buildings, and more. Depending on configuration and ground conditions Crawler Cranes can cover large site areas and high lift points and can mobilize throughout the job site, hoisting and walking with lifted loads.
RMS Cranes Downtown Denver Colorado
Tower Cranes
RMS now owns over 50 Tower Cranes to support construction of new structures as American cities continue to grow. These workhorses are capable of reaching as high up as the structure being built, while taking up minimal space on the job site. Tower Cranes are efficient and safe for the environment as they run off electricity. RMS Tower Crane crews are specialized in providing solutions such as Turnkey Erection, Operation, and Disassembly.
RMS Rough-Terrain Cranes LRT 1100 2.1
Rough-Terrain Cranes
Rough-Terrain Cranes are frequently used in Construction, the Oil & Gas Industry, and Renewable Energy projects due to their ease of rig-up, efficient mobilization, and diverse lifting capabilities on the job site. Rough-Terrain Cranes can travel on-site easily and rig up in tight quarters, often around obstacles that no other crane can. Rough-Terrain Cranes can be efficiently reconfigured to work on multiple lifts within their radius and working heights.
RMS Cranes Liebherr LR1600
Our Heavy-Lift Division provides professional hoisting & rigging services for the commercial & industrial markets. We have proven expertise on multiple projects around the United States with complete plant construction. Our service is a composite of late-model heavy-lift cranes, specialized heavy-lift rigging, trained & certified personnel, & an in-house engineering team.
RMS Cranes Wind Division Liebherr LTM1750
Wind Division
The RMS Wind Division works effectively to be a well-rounded & reliable service provider for all of the renewable energy market’s demands, offering a large range of services and providing turnkey solutions to our clients. Our consistent support on wind turbines of all types & sizes has proven our commitment to excellence within the industry.

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– RMS Cranes is an Equal Opportunity Employer –


This company does not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Hiring, transferring, and promotion practices are performed without regard to the above listed items.​

The people that make up our company have directly produced the success of RMS Cranes and we are always looking for a positive addition to our team. If you feel confident that you have the experience, qualifications, and attitude required to work with RMS Cranes, please begin your career search by clicking the button below.






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