Rigging Services

RMS Rigging Services

Often job sites become tight and unreachable by Cranes, requiring the need for Forklifts, Machinery Skates, Sliding Systems, and Gantries to complete the job safely. Whether you need a 10,000 pound fish tank moved into your new restaurant, assistance building your next data center, or help offloading a million pound transformer from the rail – RMS Rigging has the expertise and toolset to help you reach success.


Industrial Relocation

RMS Project Managers will coordinate all aspects of your move, no matter the size and scope of the project. Our professionally trained technicians will work with your schedule to move and relocate machinery so you can resume operations within a timely manner.

Machinery Moving

Our professional trained heavy equipment movers provide Full-Service Equipment Rigging, Transportation, and Setting for any type of equipment or material. Our Forklifts range from 5,000 to 80,000 pounds. We have Jack & Slide systems that can be used up to 800,000 pounds and Gantry System from 4,000 to 80,000 pounds.


RMS has trailers that are capable of loads up to 300,000 pounds. We have Double-Drop, Step-Deck and Extendable Trailers that are all air-ride and designed for heavy-machinery moving.


Indoor/Heated, and Outdoor Storage is also available at affordable rates for short or long--term durations within our warehouse or secured yards in Denver, Windsor, & Colorado Springs.


Machinery Moving Professionals

RMS Rigging has the equipment fleet to provide our clients with alternate methods of achieving job tasks including Forklifts, Machinery Skates, Sliding Systems, Gantries, and more.

Experienced in Handling & Moving Heavy Equipment
  • + Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • + Sensitive Equipment Rigging
  • + Medical Equip. & MRI Machines
  • + CNC, Lathes, & Presses
  • + Semiconductors & Cleanrooms
  • + Electronics & LCD Displays
  • + Data Center Equipment
  • + Air Conditioning Units
  • + Foundry Equipment
  • + Sculptures
  • + Inkjet Assembly Lines
  • + Air Handlers
  • + Injection Molds
  • + Manufacturing Equipment
  • + Generators
  • + Flight Simulators
  • + Crane Rigging