Crane Rental

Crane Rental Services

RMS Cranes has a growing fleet of Heavy-Lift Machinery consisting of more than 150 Cranes with capacities ranging from 1 to 900 tons. We have the ability to provide the correct equipment for any job with our versatile fleet of Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Rough-Terrain Cranes, All-Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, & Carry Deck Cranes.


Mobile Cranes

RMS has a large fleet of Mobile Cranes that are a “Fast Moving & Always on the Go” group of equipment. The machines allocated to our “taxi” crane divisions are efficient in mobilization and have faster assembly & disassembly times, allowing us to accomplish multiple projects in a day, even when the projects are in different locations. Our fleet offers the most extensive options in our region with lifting capacities ranging from 30 to 900 tons. Read More ➞

Crawler Cranes

RMS Cranes offers a wide range of Crawler Cranes and configuration possibilities to offer for your next project. We can provide cranes for projects including Wind Turbines, Tilt-Ups, Process Plants, Bridges, Commercial Buildings, and more. Depending on configuration and ground conditions, Crawler Cranes can cover large site areas and high lift points and can mobilize throughout the job site, hoisting and walking with lifted loads. Read More ➞

Tower Cranes

RMS now owns over 50 Tower Cranes to support construction of new structures as American cities continue to grow. These workhorses are capable of reaching as high up as the structure being built, while taking up minimal space on the job site. Tower Cranes are efficient and safe for the environment as they run off electricity. RMS Tower Crane crews are specialized in providing solutions such as turnkey erection, operation, and disassembly. Read More ➞

Rough-Terrain Cranes

Rough-Terrain Cranes are frequently used in Construction, the Oil & Gas Industry, and Renewable Energy projects due to their ease of rig-up, efficient mobilization, and diverse lifting capabilities on the job site. Rough-Terrain Cranes can travel on-site easily and rig up in tight quarters, often around obstacles that no other crane can. Rough-Terrain Cranes can be efficiently reconfigured to work on multiple lifts within their radius and working heights. Read More ➞


Our Heavy-Lift Division provides professional hoisting and rigging services for the commercial and industrial markets. We have proven expertise on multiple projects around the United States with complete plant construction. Our service is a composite of late-model heavy-lift cranes, specialized heavy-lift rigging, trained & certified personnel, and an in-house engineering team. Read More ➞

Wind Division

Our Wind Division works effectively to be a well-rounded & reliable service provider for all of the renewable energy market’s demands, offering a large range of services and providing turnkey solutions to our clients. Our consistent support on wind turbines of all types & sizes has proven our commitment to excellence within the industry. Read More ➞


Our Partnership

Through partnership, our company has access to branches and personnel spread across the United States and Canada, allowing us to cross-utilize manpower and equipment from branch to branch, and to provide efficient solutions to our customer base by saving on mobilization costs.