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August 2019

300,000 lb Transformer Haul | Colorado Springs, CO

In August 2019, RMS Cranes & RMS Rigging successfully completed the move of a 300,000 lb transformer from one side of Colorado Springs to the other. Utilizing a 200 ton Jack & Slide System, the load was trans-loaded from rail to our 6-axle Goldhofer SMPT trailer, which then needed to be trans-loaded to our Goldhofer 12-axle dual-lane trailer for crosstown transport. The haul across Colorado Springs required night travel due to the overall size and weight of the configuration. The move took approximately 7 hours to complete the 10 mile journey as a total of 18 traffic lights needed to be moved with bucket rucks and light technicians. Once the load made it to the sub station, one more trans-load to the SPMT was required before a 500 Ton hydraulic crane offloaded and completed the project.

Dual-Lane Overall Dimensions
  • + 19' Tall
  • + 14' Wide
  • + 185' Long
  • + 520,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight