Block 162


Project Category

Tower Cranes

Client Company

Swinerton Builders

Project Date


Block 162 | Denver, CO

Project: Block 162
Location: Downtown Denver, CO
Cranes: Potain MR-608 Luffing Tower Crane, 197’ of jib, end height 460'
Potain MD-485B Hammerhead, 131’ of jib, end height 460’ HUH
Duration: 24 months
Structure: 32 story office building

In August 2020, RMS Cranes finished dismantling two Potain tower cranes at Swinerton Builders project Block 162 in downtown Denver, CO. The crew had 9 days to complete the dismantle of two 460’ tall tower cranes with a total of 7 tie backs. Each set of tie backs were 70’ long and had to be removed from the finished structure. We were able to successfully remove 6 sets of tie backs from the building with the tower cranes.

The MR-608 dismantled the MD-485B and then RMS & Viking RCE, climbed down and untied the MR-608 to 135’ HUH and dismantled with a 300 ton Liebherr LTM 1250 6.1 assist crane. In order to complete this task in 9 days, everything had to line up perfectly. The crew worked endless hours and the camaraderie and teamwork was impeccable.

Companies Involved
+ RMS Cranes
+ Swinerton Builders
+ Total Welding
+ Posch Engineering
+ Viking RCE (Rigging & Crane Erection)
+ ​Berg Electric